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Growing Up Gifted facilitates parent webinars and in-person sessions on a multitude of topics.

Webinars are booked individually via the registration links below.

In-person sessions can be arranged with parent groups and organizations.  These sessions may be booked as stand alone sessions or combined into a multi-session package to dive deeper into topics.

To bring Growing Up Gifted to your parent group or organization, email

Upcoming Parent Webinars

Looking to book an in-person session for your parent group or organization?

Email to discuss how Growing Up Gifted can best support you.

Session topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Gifted 101

  • They're Gifted!  What Does That Mean?

  • Supporting Your Gifted Child's Social Emotional Needs

  • Empowering Gifted Girls

  • The Gifted Perfectionist

  • Creativity & Giftedness

  • The Importance of Academic Struggle

  • Fostering Peace Amidst a Power Struggle

  • Preparing Your Gifted Child for Middle School

Looking for another topic?

Let's customize a session to support your needs! 



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