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Growing Up Gifted facilitates parent webinars and in-person sessions on a multitude of topics.

Webinars are booked individually via the registration links below.

In-person sessions can be arranged with parent groups and organizations.  These sessions may be booked as stand alone sessions or combined into a multi-session package to dive deeper into topics.

To bring Growing Up Gifted to your parent group or organization, email

Upcoming Parent Webinars

Group Discussion

Join one of Growing Up Gifted's webinars

Scheduled events coming soon!

Looking to book an in-person session for your parent group or organization?

Email to discuss how Growing Up Gifted can best support you.

Session topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Gifted 101

  • They're Gifted!  What Does That Mean?

  • Supporting Your Gifted Child's Social Emotional Needs

  • Empowering Gifted Girls

  • The Gifted Perfectionist

  • Creativity & Giftedness

  • The Importance of Academic Struggle

  • Fostering Peace Amidst a Power Struggle

  • Preparing Your Gifted Child for Middle School

Looking for another topic?

Let's customize a session to support your needs! 



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