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Hi, I'm Kelsey.
Gifted education isn't just my career.
It's my calling.

As a child growing up gifted, I was fortunate to have teachers who understood me and challenged me, as well as parents who advocated for me, celebrated my interests (however quirky!), and valued me for who I was.  As a teacher, administrator, professional learning facilitator, and speaker, I am a passionate champion for helping gifted kids understand and lean into their giftedness, while helping their parents and educators see how giftedness shows up at home and at school.  In my dream world, parents and educators of gifted kids have community and common understanding and gifted kids thrive.   

In my nearly 20 years as a public school educator, I have come to realize I will always learn more from the kids I teach than I could ever hope for them to learn from me.  Of course I want my students to learn and grow infinitely and I do my best to make it happen.  Particularly in my work with gifted students, I seek to challenge and support them in ways that are respectful of the tremendous creative and intellectual abilities they have.  No matter what, I come away with the most beautiful, enduring moments of reflection on just how phenomenal gifted children are.

When parents and educators partner together to grow their understanding of the gifted kids in their lives, everybody can thrive.  We can share our perspectives and the way we see our kids.  We can connect with one another to build community.  We can put those experiences in a framework of research to explore and understand the whys and hows of supporting and empowering gifted kids. 


It's this drive to create common understanding, a common language, and a supportive community that led me to found Growing Up Gifted.  I love learning, listening, and talking about gifted kids and gifted education.  I believe, to my core, in our ability to make a positive impact for the gifted kids in our lives.  Every child deserves to be understood, supported, and empowered.  Let's work together to make growing up gifted a joy for the gifted kids in our lives. 

Experience & Credentials

I have had the privilege of working in public education as an upper elementary classroom teacher, gifted cluster teacher, teacher of a self-contained classroom for highly gifted students, and as a K-6 gifted education specialist.  I've also been a district administrator for K-12 gifted and talented education and advanced academic services.  I bring the experience and perspective of these roles to my work with Growing Up Gifted.

In addition, I've had the opportunity to facilitate parent sessions and professional learning, a well as represent my school districts at conferences, professional associations, and educational organizations. 

  • 2022 & 2023 Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented (TAGT) panelist, "Meeting the Needs of Gifted Learners: A Principal’s Perspective"

  • 2023 TAGT principal summit facilitator, "Understanding & Implementing Total School Cluster Grouping"

  • 2022 TAGT annual conference facilitator, "From Framework to Fireworks: Putting the Pizzazz in the Texas Performance Standards Project"

  • 2021-2022 TAGT Emerging Leaders Program Mentor

  • 2020 TAGT Gifted + Equity Conference featured virtual co-facilitator, "No More Silence: Tools for White People Who Want to Actively Fight Racism"

  • 2020 TAGT virtual session facilitator, “The Limit Does Not Exist: Creativity in the Age of At-Home Learning”

  • Conference Institute presenter at 2018 & 2017 TAGT Annual Conference

  • 2018 College Board AP Large District Meeting representative

  • 2015 Southern Methodist University Simmons School of Education of Education & Human Development graduation speaker

  • 2013 Arizona Association for the Gifted & Talented annual conference session facilitator

"Kelsey brings a deep passion and an impressive knowledge of the unique needs and challenges of gifted kids to the table.  She is grounded in compassion and a genuine desire to help gifted kids thrive. Her commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in the field is impressive, and her ability to share this knowledge with others is a testament to her generosity and commitment to the greater good."


Dallas, TX

“Kelsey is an empathetic, highly experienced, and skilled advocate for parents and children.  She has changed the path forward for us in many situations, likely improving my child's social-emotional well being for her entire life!”


The Woodlands, TX

My son is 2E (a term I had never heard of until Kelsey).  She was fantastic in helping guide me on what he needed and the resources the school could provide.
Making sure he had appropriate services and support for his exceptionalities was overwhelming and Kelsey walked us through it every step of the way. She taught me when to listen, when to advocate and when to just let him be.  She has a gift for gifted education.


Plano, TX

Let's connect!
I'd love to talk about how Growing Up Gifted can help you empower the gifted kids in your life.


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