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Raising and teaching gifted kids--with their endless curiosity, humor, and empathy--can be wonderfully invigorating.  It can also be lonely, confusing, and overwhelming.  Parents and educators deserve to be in community with one another as they learn about giftedness and what it looks like in their homes and classrooms.

Growing Up Gifted exists with the mission of 

Helping parents and educators understand, support,

and empower the gifted kids in their lives.

Championing gifted kids to grow into the fullest versions of themselves.

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value #1:
inclusion & belonging

Giftedness exists in all communities and cultures.  Growing Up Gifted welcomes and honors the perspectives, heritage, and neurodiversity of gifted children, their families, and their educators.

Children Playing

value #2:

All kids deserve to learn and grow every day–including gifted kids.  Growing Up Gifted advocates for and educates on the unique social, emotional, and academic needs of gifted children so they may grow into the fullest version of themselves.

Teacher with Students

value #3:
informed action

Growing Up Gifted takes a research-based, lived experience informed approach to changing the way we see and support gifted kids, their families, and their educators.


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