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helping parents and educators understand, support, and empower the gifted kids in their lives

championing gifted kids to grow into
the fullest versions of themselves

1.  Delisle, J. and Galbraith, J. (2002).  When gifted kids don’t have all the answers: how to meet their social and emotional needs.  Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing.

In one of the most influential works in the field of gifted education, kids explained their biggest frustrations with being gifted.¹  What they wanted most was to understand what it means to be gifted.

They’re not alone.


  • Gifted kids want to understand themselves.  They want to be seen and valued as whole human beings, not really smart, nearly infallible academic producers.


  • Parents of gifted kids want to understand what’s going on in their gifted child’s heart and mind–the thirst for knowledge, the sense of justice, and the intense emotions their gifted child may feel.  They want  a community to learn, share, and connect with.


  • Teachers of gifted kids want to know how to give gifted kids the academic challenges they need while supporting their intellectual and social-emotional development.

It’s a lot!

Growing Up Gifted can help. 

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"Kelsey is one the most kind, intuitive educators I've ever met. She 'got' my son in all of his third grade gifted glory and embraced him for the awesome, quick-witted, unique student he is - and in a way no other teacher had. He was different from other kids and needed someone like Kelsey to help him shine. He's now 17 and is not only still close to "Ms. Kelsey" (his favorite teacher), but also as someone he trusts and knows helped him grow into himself. Ten minutes with Kelsey and any parent or educator will see why she's a must-have partner, mentor and resource.
She's just plain wonderful."


Richardson, TX


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